Privacy note

In accordance with the provisions contained in the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, hereinafter referred to as "the Law", its Regulations and the Guidelines of the Privacy Notice published in the Official Gazette of the Federation dated 17 January 2013,this Privacy Notice is issued in the following terms:

I. Responsible for personal data
For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, Rivega Inmobiliaria, Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable, who operates under the commercial name Rivega Bienes Raíces and who from now on will be called "Rivega", with address at Río Baluarte number 507-2, Colonia Palos Prietos, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México, CP82010, telephone (669) 9853939 and email address:, is responsible for obtaining, disclosing, storing, using, managing, exploiting, transferring and / or disposing of the personal data that it collects directly or indirectly from its clients.
II. The purpose for the use of your personal data
The personal data we collect is for any of the following purposes: (i) Preparation of a contract for the provision of services through real estate mediation between the Responsible and the Owner (Client), to establish terms and conditions on the promotion of the property owned by the Owner, (ii) For the preparation of lease contracts, promise of sale, sale, transfer, and any other document that is necessary in a sale or lease transaction, (iii) Promotion of the property in printed or electronic media, as well as newsletters or Real estate exchanges, (iv) To carry out any management that allows confirming the legal situation of the property managed by the Responsible, (v) To coordinate appointments with Prospects at the address of the property owned by the Owner and managed by the Responsible, (vi) To exchange information and proposals between the Prospectus and the Owner related to the property managed by the Responsible him, (vii) To investigate the credit and legal integrity of the Owner, (viii) In order to close all types of real estate transactions between the Prospectus and the Owner, (ix) Preparation of invoices and proof of payment.
In the same way, the personal data collected may also be used to meet legal requirements of competent authorities.
Rivega is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of the data that you have provided, nor has it verified, but only receives, records and preserves it. Likewise, you declare and confirm that you have the express consent of those people whose personal information you also provide, such as, for example, spouse, common-law wife, economic dependents, relatives, professional references, etc.

III. Personal data collected

The personal data that the Responsible party collects from the Holders are the following: (i) Full name, (ii) private and / or business address, (iii) private and / or business email, (iv) age, (v ) date of birth, (vi) sex, (vii) marital status, (viii) nationality, (ix) home and / or business telephone, (x) cell phone, (xi) occupation, (xii) Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC), (xiii) Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), (xiv) social security number, (xv) current employment data, (xvi) copy of the official identification with photograph and the data contained therein, (xvii) copy of the birth certificate and the data contained therein, (xviii) where appropriate, a copy of the marriage certificate and the data contained therein, (xix) autograph signature.
Your personal data is collected personally, via email or by delivering the documents that prove the aforementioned data.

IV. Sensitive data policy

By internal policy of the Responsible, this does not request any information that under the Law is understood as sensitive data, such as: religion, sexual preferences, political opinions, among others. Rivega prohibits any discriminatory act or the request for any information that could imply a discriminatory act. In the event that you provide sensitive data Rivega will treat and safeguard them in terms of the Law.

V. Options and means that the Responsible offers to the Holders to limit the use or disclosure of personal data

Los datos personales de los Titulares, serán tratados bajo la más estricta confidencialidad, cuidando las medidas de seguridad administrativas, físicas y técnicas que el Responsable implemente en sus políticas y procedimientos de seguridad internos evitando la posible divulgación ilícita de datos y limitando su uso a lo establecido en el presente Aviso de Privacidad.

VI. Means to exercise the rights of the owner. (ARCO Rights).

At any time you or your duly accredited legal representative, may exercise the rights of Access, Rectification when they consider that they are erroneous or inaccurate, Cancellation in case they consider that the data is not treated properly and Opposition in case they do not want to that your data be processed for specific purposes. The exercise of one of them does not prevent the exercise of the other and neither is a budget for the exercise of another.
To exercise your ARCO rights, you must submit your request at our address located in Río Baluarte number 507-2 Colonia Palos Prietos, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, or send it to our personal data department at the email
The request must contain the following information: (i) Name of the owner, (ii) address and email address to notify you of the response to your request, (iii) a clear and precise description of the data with respect to which you seek to exercise the corresponding right, (iv) the object of the request and a copy of your identification must be attached and, where appropriate, the document by which the legal representation is accredited, (v) any element that facilitates the location of the data, and You must attach a copy of your identification, and where appropriate the document by which the legal representation is accredited. In the case of rectification requests, the owner must also indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that supports their request.
The response period for your request will be 20 business days from the day the request for access, rectification, cancellation and corresponding opposition was received. The answer will be communicated to you within the aforementioned period to the email address you provided in your request or by sending a letter to the address provided in it. Once this notification is received, you will have a period of 15 working days to make it effective if appropriate.
At any time, you may revoke the consent you have given us for the processing of your personal data, in such a way that we allow them to be used. To do this, you must submit a request in the terms mentioned for the exercise of ARCO rights. The procedure to be followed will be the same as that provided for the exercise of ARCO rights. If your request is appropriate, your data will stop being processed by Rivega.

VII. Data transfer.
Your personal data may be transferred to national or foreign third parties if it is necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations contracted in the contract for the provision of services entered into with the Responsible, in such a way, some of your personal data may be transferred to Appraisers. , Lawyers, Notaries Public, Commission agents, Credit Investigation Managers, Credit Institutions, Real estate brokers with whom the Responsible has entered into real estate promotion agreements, as well as the Public Property Registry office.
It is important to inform you that any third party that, due to transfers made by Rivega, receives your personal data will have the same obligations and responsibilities as us as the Responsible for your data, and that this Privacy Notice will be communicated to said third party .
If you, as the Owner, do not oppose your personal data to be transferred in the terms indicated in the previous paragraph, we will understand that you accept that such transfer is made, in accordance with the provisions of article 36 of the Law.
As an exception to what is indicated above, in accordance with the Law there are cases in which your consent is not necessary for the processing of your personal data, and therefore the absence of it or its refusal, where appropriate, does not prevent that Rivega treats them (your personal data) in terms of the law and other provisions that are applicable, therefore your personal data may be transferred even without your consent in compliance with what the Law indicates in its article 37, which to the letter has:
Article 37.- National or international data transfers may be carried out without the consent of the owner when any of the following cases occurs:
     I.   When the transfer is provided for in a Law or Treaty to which Mexico is a party;
    II. When the transfer is necessary for the prevention or medical diagnosis, the provision of health care, medical treatment or the management of health services;
    III. When the transfer is made to holding companies, subsidiaries or affiliates under the common control of the person in charge, or to a parent company or to any company of the same group of the person in charge that operates under the same internal processes and policies;
    IV. When the transfer is necessary by virtue of a contract entered into or to be entered into in the interest of the owner, the person in charge and a third party;
    V. When the transfer is necessary or legally required to safeguard a public interest, or for the administration or administration of justice;
    VI. When the transfer is necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process, and
    VII. When the transfer is necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between the controller and the owner.

VIII. Modifications to the privacy notice

Any change to this Privacy Notice will be informed through the following means:
1. Through advertisements in the visible place of the Operations area of the Responsible.
2. Through the Responsible Party's website, at the following link:
Likewise, the Holders are informed that the Privacy Notice may be modified at any time in order to address legislative developments, as well as modification of Rivega's internal policies.
If the purposes for which your personal data are processed are modified, if necessary, your consent will be requested again, either express or tacit, depending on the particular case.

IX. Holder's consent

The Holder states that: (i) this Notice has been made known to him by the Responsible Party and (ii) having read, understood and agreed to the terms set forth in this Notice, for which he grants his consent for the treatment and transfer in his case of your Personal Data by signing in accordance with this Privacy Notice with the following data.

Place and date:

Sign in accordance
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